Wiredogs Music Video

A couple months ago, I had the idea to do a music video for a new Wiredogs song. Instead of going the traditional route with it (hiring someone, renting an expensive camera, making them do revisions, spending money we didn’t have), I said ‘fuck it’ I’ll do it myself.  We rented three lights, bought some bulbs and borrowed a couple GoPro’s. In the end, what you see is pretty much just one GoPro being shuffled around in our practice space amidst head-banging and all kinds of other fuckery. On one occasion I brought my iPhone6 into the mix and used it for some slow-mo. Super DIY.

I’ve never (seriously) edited a video before. I found it really hard to fake intensity. I probably chopped up what footage we had into 1,000 little clips. All for a 2:30 video… I wanted it to feel like a live show, to be chaotic, flickering, awkward etc. I think I came pretty close.

All in all, I had a blast doing it.